Today I am thankful for… benches

i am thankful for... the bench i used at the gym monday which has made me sore and practically immobile today the one in the courtyard at work that allowed me to feel the breeze through my hair for a few moments between meetings the bench i sat on while a stranger strapped a harness... Continue Reading →

Today I am thankful for… old married couples

it can be done. it has been done. it is being done... married for a lifetime. on june 17, 1944 my grandparents said i do, and i have the black and white photos to prove it. but more importantly i also have something to strive for... the holding of wrinkled hands at the park, in... Continue Reading →

Today I am thankful for…my keys

sure you get wedged in the bottom of my purse forcing me to dig just to find you. but you are also magical pieces of metal. metal that has the power with a small turn to open doors to my home which protects me from the elements. and yet another piece of metal that with... Continue Reading →

Today I am thankful for… paper or plastic or fabric

Every evening before we eat dinner my husband says a prayer which includes "... thank you for this food that has come to us so easily." And every time he says it, my body has a physical reaction where my heart feels heavy and my eyes begin to hurt. For some reason that part of... Continue Reading →

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