She smiles With all of her face With all of her heart She chooses to give Something rare I see you. You matter. You are valuable. Thank you. They smile back and blush They don’t know How to receive Something rare A pause between smiles Leaves just enough space An awkward compliment Wedges itself inside... Continue Reading →

the excess

walking in the sun. no trees around. we can’t pay the sky for clouds or bribe the sun to hide. around the corner a spot emerges owned by a cat. I shared my water he shared his shade we each shared our excess not out of requirement or obligation we simply chose to share what... Continue Reading →

a fighter

It was better because I had to fight for it. An early alarm clock though I hardly slept. A too tiny cup of hotel room coffee. Two hundred and fifteen stairs. Alone at a table with a wet chair. I sat down. I fought for this moment. The sun.


Everyone wants to be a super model Orchestrated poses, scarves in the wind standing in dangerous places so the wind blows our hair just so Retakes and retakes and retakes by husbands and boyfriends also trying to hold our purse Filters and photoshop for contrast and saturation and the elimination of everything we wish we... Continue Reading →

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