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Monthly Archives: October, 2018

start slow

I chose to sit in the dark. Sometimes darkness is not a bad thing. It slows things down. In the evening after the sun sets and the sky darkens, your … Continue reading

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I stepped back into my life. Parts of it. My head swells. My jaw aches. I clench when stressed. The rest of me doesn’t feel stressed though. But my teeth … Continue reading

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I people watch at the airport. With enough distance that I can’t hear; I can only see and I write poems, imagining their stories and their lives based on body … Continue reading

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if i choose

not for work or for the store or for church or dinner or date night or plans with friends not for insta or snap not for you not for them … Continue reading

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watching them watching love they’re watching they stop to observe to capture to smell to see to be if they would stop talking for a moment they would hear the … Continue reading

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