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becoming the woman God needs me to be


I stepped back into my life. Parts of it. My head swells. My jaw aches. I clench when stressed. The rest of me doesn’t feel stressed though. But my teeth … Continue reading

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I people watch at the airport. With enough distance that I can’t hear; I can only see and I write poems, imagining their stories and their lives based on body … Continue reading

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if i choose

not for work or for the store or for church or dinner or date night or plans with friends not for insta or snap not for you not for them … Continue reading

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watching them watching love they’re watching they stop to observe to capture to smell to see to be if they would stop talking for a moment they would hear the … Continue reading

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She smiles With all of her face With all of her heart She chooses to give Something rare I see you. You matter. You are valuable. Thank you. They smile … Continue reading

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the excess

walking in the sun. no trees around. we can’t pay the sky for clouds or bribe the sun to hide. around the corner a spot emerges owned by a cat. … Continue reading

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a fighter

It was better because I had to fight for it. An early alarm clock though I hardly slept. A too tiny cup of hotel room coffee. Two hundred and fifteen … Continue reading

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Everyone wants to be a super model Orchestrated poses, scarves in the wind standing in dangerous places so the wind blows our hair just so Retakes and retakes and retakes … Continue reading

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a listening hug

It was over a year ago. And it was a bad day at work. I still remember. I felt inadequate, anxious and not quite smart enough to do what was … Continue reading

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your roots

Digging around the internet trying to piece together my family tree has been a scavenger hunt like no other. Deciphering handwritten census lines, attempting to translate Danish baptism records, and … Continue reading

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i listened

Dear Busia, I listened to you tonight. Backing up the files on my laptop I found you and one of our conversations that I just happened to audio record several … Continue reading

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Today I am thankful for… fat birds

There is a fat little bird on the railing of my deck, singing at the top of her lungs. As I watch her sitting there content, and safe and using … Continue reading

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Today I am thankful for … photographs

Actual physical printed photographs. One snuck up on me today as I was cleaning and it stopped me in my path. It was an original without filters or retakes or … Continue reading

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hold hands

On Saturday February 25, 2017, family and friends gathered to hold hands and celebrate the life of my amazing polish grandmother, whom many of us called Busia. I was honored … Continue reading

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in spite of

This is about focus. In spite of the bad things. In spite of the loss. In spite of lost opportunities. In spite of the things that slipped through your fingers. Because in between those “in spite of” moments, were good moments too. Moments worth recalling, worth remembering and being thankful for.

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Today I am thankful for… clutter My home office had devolved into a life size junk drawer. It became the destination for random pieces of paper, bills, boxes, cards, decorations, … Continue reading

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blank slate

Today I am thankful for… a blank slate. I love a brand new journal. A new stack of post-it notes. A new legal pad at work. An empty word doc on … Continue reading

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i don’t know

I don’t know what it’s like to be you. Something about us is different. So I don’t fear the same things you do in the same way. I don’t take … Continue reading

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connected layers

I love this little hut over the ocean. We dubbed it our coffee hut, the spot we claimed each morning after a walk on the beach. And the roof of … Continue reading

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well & good

Some of you are grammar nerds. No judgment, honestly, I love you all. There their they’re… you are keeping us from spiraling into lazy language. But I must ask you… … Continue reading

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radiant gradient

It started to spit. I looked up at the cloudy sky and started to place my bets. Should I pack up and run to a covered shelter or wait it … Continue reading

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pay attention 

Listen when I’m talking to you. Serious sentence with serious undertones. You’re in big trouble mister… You have either heard and/or uttered this phrase countless times. Why? Maybe there was … Continue reading

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love fights

Have you ever had someone fight for you? Not the “step in and beat someone up for teasing you” kind of fighting… rather the kind of fight where someone pursues … Continue reading

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no filter

I wanted to use a filter. To brighten the shadows, bump up the contrast, enhance the saturation. I wanted to click edit and adjust the tint on my face to … Continue reading

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reach out

On the heels of Christmas, one fire destroyed my cousin’s house and all of their belongings. Nothing is left. All the new things just gifted and opened are gone. All … Continue reading

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