planning meeting

Meeting Notes: It's been a long time since we had a planning meeting. They were scheduled but I wasn't showing up because "I had a conflict." I was the conflict. So we met and we started at the beginning.

the art of the thank you

Thank you notes are not required. But your words are powerful and meaningful and have the ability to change someone's moment, day and even life.


It’s a weird thing to read something you’ve written and not recognize your own voice. To wonder where that person went and how to find her again.

break through

the sun breaks through the clouds like waves the lure breaks through the water makes waves the birds break through the silence in waves how can I break through to reduce the waves --- the water can’t create a new image, it reflectswhat’s around, the outline of trees, the light of sun, it revealsa hint... Continue Reading →


most times social media ruins me. annihilates me. into a spiral of zombie behavior and destructive comparison. but sometimes it makes me cry in a good way. a healthy way. that reminds me of humanity and love and strength and compassion. That reminds me not everyone is selfish and self centered and tone deaf. Not... Continue Reading →


I don’t want to be perpetually agitated... quick to anger, easily set off by poorly timed red lights, political posts, rearranged super market aisles, incomplete reporting, the wrong kind of ranch dressing… I want to try something different. With you.

porch swing

If I had a porch swing someone could sit with me, and in that moment we could be a blessing to each other. But I don't need to wait for a porch swing for that. It's my excuse. I don't know what your porch swing is. But stop waiting for it. You are enough as you are right now.


the game  it’s thrones obsessed with filling the void the empty longing for leading  they tried to rise  to demand command their right to fill it to sit in it own it throne it and win but alone it sits  empty as they fight the battles they fight not knowing the fight is within 


You don’t get to decide what will or won’t leave an impression on someone else. You don’t get to decide what will or won’t leave an impression on you. You do get to decide whether to care. Whether to try. Whether to be better.


The concept of an anthem, a personal musical anthem, first surfaced in college. When I had to choose what song would play when I came out on stage for the date auction. Yes, a date auction. Men and women were auctioned off to the highest bidder for one date night, and all of the proceeds... Continue Reading →

high five

When you’re having a no good very bad day, can you still praise someone else for a job well done? When you’re having a no good very bad week? Very bad month? Very bad season? Can you still praise someone else for who they are? What they’ve done? For delivering a stellar presentation? For making a... Continue Reading →


I cried this weekend. I experienced envy. In envy I longed for the clarity of direction from God. In envy I wanted to be pursued to participate in something bigger than myself with Him at the center. In one of the moments where this shade of green took over my emotions, I did what any... Continue Reading →

start slow

I chose to sit in the dark. Sometimes darkness is not a bad thing. It slows things down. In the evening after the sun sets and the sky darkens, your body prepares for sleep. For rest. It slows down. So I chose to sit in the dark. To listen to the rain. To start slow.... Continue Reading →


I stepped back into my life. Parts of it. My head swells. My jaw aches. I clench when stressed. The rest of me doesn’t feel stressed though. But my teeth hurt. So I must be. I’m buffering. Awkwardly meandering through familiar people and places. Using phrases I stamped out years ago. Hearing them leave my... Continue Reading →


I people watch at the airport. With enough distance that I can't hear; I can only see and I write poems, imagining their stories and their lives based on body language. I. I look for you in between the pages of the novel how novel you never write back II. the secrets pile on layers... Continue Reading →

if i choose

not for work or for the store or for church or dinner or date night or plans with friends not for insta or snap not for you not for them not for me If I choose. no more researching and picking and buying and returning and putting on and taking off and irritation and fading... Continue Reading →


watching them watching love they’re watching they stop to observe to capture to smell to see to be if they would stop talking for a moment they would hear the sound of the music in the background building filling the bass bass slowly rumbles in the sound of the fountain goes on without their notice... Continue Reading →


She smiles With all of her face With all of her heart She chooses to give Something rare I see you. You matter. You are valuable. Thank you. They smile back and blush They don’t know How to receive Something rare A pause between smiles Leaves just enough space An awkward compliment Wedges itself inside... Continue Reading →

the excess

walking in the sun. no trees around. we can’t pay the sky for clouds or bribe the sun to hide. around the corner a spot emerges owned by a cat. I shared my water he shared his shade we each shared our excess not out of requirement or obligation we simply chose to share what... Continue Reading →

a fighter

It was better because I had to fight for it. An early alarm clock though I hardly slept. A too tiny cup of hotel room coffee. Two hundred and fifteen stairs. Alone at a table with a wet chair. I sat down. I fought for this moment. The sun.


Everyone wants to be a super model Orchestrated poses, scarves in the wind standing in dangerous places so the wind blows our hair just so Retakes and retakes and retakes by husbands and boyfriends also trying to hold our purse Filters and photoshop for contrast and saturation and the elimination of everything we wish we... Continue Reading →

a listening hug

It was over a year ago. And it was a bad day at work. I still remember. I felt inadequate, anxious and not quite smart enough to do what was being asked of me. There did not seem to be enough hours for meetings and email and people and the work I was supposed to... Continue Reading →

your roots

Digging around the internet trying to piece together my family tree has been a scavenger hunt like no other. Deciphering handwritten census lines, attempting to translate Danish baptism records, and sheepishly reaching out to strangers to ask if we just might be related somewhere down the line. Finding your roots can be a challenge. As... Continue Reading →

i listened

Dear Busia, I listened to you tonight. Backing up the files on my laptop I found you and one of our conversations that I just happened to audio record several years ago. You told me about the old house in Chicago, your dogs… the way you took care of me while I was really little,... Continue Reading →

Today I am thankful for… fat birds

There is a fat little bird on the railing of my deck, singing at the top of her lungs. As I watch her sitting there content, and safe and using all of the power from the little lungs she's been gifted, a thought drifts back into my mind. A thought from a post of a... Continue Reading →

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