Today I am thankful for… the goose pond

have you seen the glory of the goose pond? the way its inhabitants chase anyone who dares to approach it? the way it supports no marine life? the way it taunts you to ice skate upon it? (don’t)

have you ever been attacked?

it is 15 degrees outside and feels like -4 and i am glad that i am not a goose. but i am so thankful for their pond. the goose pond reminds me:

  • snow is beautiful. this one word represents billions of individual unique flakes. winter’s grains of sand. but better than sand each flake is uniquely and beautifully constructed by God to be vastly different from the next. just like you and me.
  • trees are beautiful. when they are filled with blooms in the spring sure, but now in the winter when they are bare, I can see each branch clearly against the backdrop of the frozen goose pond. trunks that start large and grow up and out with medium then smaller tendrils. a network of twisting logs who reach for the sun yet stay connected to the ground. just like you and me.
  • windows are beautiful. imagine if they had never been invented. if we all spent all of our days in a box at home and in a box at work. never seeing outside. never seeing the sun, or the snow or the ponds.
  • eyes are beautiful. without them i could never see out these windows and notice the depth of the scenery, or the red fire hydrant that sticks out from the snow.
  • geese are beautiful. no they’re not. they’re frightening. click this watch this.

so today amidst the cold weather, on a Friday when I had to come in to work I am thankful for my job for a variety of reasons i won’t go into here. but today my job allowed me to sit at a table, with a massive window, overlooking the goose pond.

have a tale of wonder or woe from the goose pond? tweet @journalynn with #goosepond

copyright-ish… kudos to Dan for permission to link to his goose attack video

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