jessica lynn shull

becoming the woman God needs me to be

i am

a thankful christian wife polish german danish blonde craft beer drinking coffee obsessed world traveling local farm experimentalist chef small group advocate unsuspecting mentor church volunteer elite yelper occasional blogger wannabe published always passionate presenter and currently curious leader of digital marketing minds

myfaith :: i need God to mold me

there is something special in this world i was made to do. but there is a person i need to become first. the best version. of me.

mycoffee :: i heart coffee

you’re not surprised. unless you think i’m drinking something else from that coffee cup.

mytravel :: i work 2 travel

7 continents. i want to hit all 7. So far i’ve made it to 4. and there are places i’d like to go to, go back to and spend all my vacation time exploring. God created an amazing world. I want to see as much of it as I can.

mycooking :: i wish i could go to culinary school

instead i will practice and play and try things out. new recipes, locally exotic to me items from the farmers market. learn by doing. fail and share and try again.

myjournal :: i write randomness

i buy a journal. fill half of it. buy another. maybe finish it. write poetry. pray to God. people watch. make to-do lists. capture recipes. and then i buy another journal and the cycle repeats itself. i self discover pieces and parts of me from previous parts of my life.

opinions expressed actions taken and accounts are mine
and do not reflect those of my employer

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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