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Identity is a funny thing. Figuring out who you are takes time, and you will change. And that’s okay. That’s normal. Any yet there are some things that will stick with you your entire life. I have always been a writer. What I write and how I write and who I write for has changed. But I write. Despite my better judgment about using a double negative… I can’t not write.

  • I write about God and to God. I call these meeting notes.
  • I write about and to Busia, my Polish grandmother.
  • I write poetry about the world I observe.
  • I write about the lessons I’m learning since I changed careers.
  • I write about things I am thankful for… like high heels, french toast sticks and fat little birds.

I believe in Jesus, the magic of coffee, the joy of craft beer and the power of thankfulness. I think marketing and consumer behavior are fascinating and that personal branding is a super power worth harnessing for the greater good. I strive to write regularly, support all things local and give back through mentoring.

I am on a journey to turn all that I am, into something bigger than myself, for a benefit beyond me.

I know there is a purpose for my life. That God created me on purpose for a purpose. At the core I am called to love God and love others. And there are a multitude of ways to do that.

This is where I will start.
This is one way. I hope you’ll join me.

My most recent writing

My journey

I went from writing poetry as a kid, to marketing for a Fortune 500 company, where my role allowed me to see the impact, loyalty and dedication local business owners have to their communities. I didn’t know how much that would shape where I am now. Along the way Jesus became the center of my life, I made some pretty epic changes and here I am writing for personal joy and to anyone else who finds value in the perspective I share. I am hopeful that someday soon it will become something more.

Drinking buckets of coffee a day, I am fueled to help local business owners be the change they want to see in their communities, through personal branding and marketing their business with strength and courage.

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Jessica looking wide eyed and excited behind a coffee mug that says "Let the Adventure Begin". She is sitting at a desk at her new job.

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