Today I am thankful for… helmet head

ultimate helmet head

“Hat head” can’t hold a candle to this.

Bangs squished in all directions, sweaty scalp, flat hair too far gone to get any assistance from teasing and hairspray… Even an 80s perm could not withstand it’s mysterious oppressive powers. Yet today I am thankful for helmet head…

Experiencing helmet head means:

I spent the day with my Dad.

When I was 4 it meant sitting in front of my Dad on the snowmobile and falling asleep, so he had to perform driving gymnastics holding me with his left arm and driving the sled one handed with his right.

When I was 7 it meant the day was capped off by an adult initiated marshmallow fight in the cabin and I was responsible for gathering the ammo and running it upstairs to Dad so he could pelt our unsuspecting snowmobile friend victims.

When I was 13 it meant Dad took me to get my snowmobile license and bought me my first sled. And every ride since it means I have the coveted 2nd spot in line, behind Dad following and learning at every curve.
snow princess

When I was 24 I put on a bikini and started an 8 year “career” of racing snowmobiles in nothing more than a bathing suit raising money to fight breast cancer alongside a group of amazing women. Supported by my Mom who worked the tent in the cold and my Dad, who groomed our race track, held my coat and helped me fundraise all winter long.

Experiencing helmet head also means:

I am in an exclusive club where…

  • A raised left hand can be stop, caution, turn, snowmobiles behind me, snowmobiles coming at us…. you name it.
  • Snirt is a dirty word and the sun is bad.
  • You put money in a kitty.
  • You ride a sled. But it’s not called sledding.
  • A custom painted helmet is a badge of honor.
  • Groomed power lines make your day.
  • You can walk into an establishment wearing a ski mask and no one thinks you’re going to rob them.
  • Adults wear bibs and kids play pool.

And experiencing helmet head means:

I see the best of God’s winter design.

Yes those are baby bears… grrrrrr

Through the heart of the woods… on a trail most people never see, snow weighed down branches of pine trees and sun behind me lit them up and cheered them on.

Speeding across a frozen lake, white in all directions, protected by over 16 inches of ice beneath me… knowing that I swam in that same spot during the summer.

And one February I had the amazing experience of holding baby bears. Yes baby black bears!

So today God I am thankful for helmet head.

For the new memories it creates, the old stories I get to relive, the culture I get to be a part of and the parts of nature I get to experience.

But not snirt. You can keep snirt.

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