through the fog


Another week of humidity is upon us, fogging up the windows with long drips of condensation. So much that sometimes it’s hard to see. My view is obstructed and I get a fuzzy incomplete picture of reality.

Life is way too often like that. Things get in the way of the truth. We see one thing, one data point, one headline and our brain quickly fills in the rest of story with what we think is true. Unfortunately it’s often way off at worst or simply incomplete at best.

It turns out the fogged up glass is different for each of us. How we were raised, educated, who hurt us, loved us, where we were when major events took place or even the major things we missed… all shape how we see the world and see other people. Our view is often foggy but we don’t realize it. So we make snap judgments, hurtful remarks and shy away from relationships. We lash out online, stand firm in our positions shouting as loud as we can that we are right. When in all likelihood none of us are.

All of our views are incomplete. None of us can see all of the past, all of the present and all of the future at the same time to make sense of why things happen or what is right. I didn’t create the world. I didn’t create me. I only get a sliver of understanding.

And that’s ok. It’s ok not to know everything. As long as you know that. As long as you act like that. As long as you treat other people with the kindness and humility that doesn’t demand your opinion or else you’re banished.

Instead let’s ask more questions of each other. Let’s spend more time trying to understand. Ask why with genuine sincerity and curiosity. Answer someone’s questions with respect and dignity. The world is complicated and people are complicated… you and me included.

I would rather understand you than fight you. Hear you than shout at you. Sit with you and talk with you and experience this life with you.

I’d rather love you through the fog.

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