I’m beginning to think coffee is hot just to force me to slow down. If I chugged that cup of lava there would be no joy in it, just a burnt mouth and no more taste buds. But it’s scolding hot beginning gives me an opportunity.

We rush around from meeting to commitment to errand, upset with red lights and slow drivers and people who still pay with checkbooks. We are impatient not because the world is slow, but because we’re trying to drink it in faster than it was intended.

Jesus had the most important job and role and ability to impact the world, infinitely more than me even on my very best day. Yet he didn’t run from city to city, a frantic mess complaining about crowds that slowed him down. He knew his purpose. He stopped. He listened. He spent time in the wilderness with God to refuel. He knew his purpose because he spent time with God, the one who created him.

So while I sit here fueling up my day with caffeine, it’s more important I fill my heart and take time to slow down and spend time with the one who created me. Because in that I will better understand my purpose. From that flows my priorities. And everything else is not worth getting frantic over.


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