look up

look upI see a lot of screens in my life these days. This morning I am watching leaders on a big screen, typing notes on a tablet, and tweeting on my iPhone. So at lunch I took a moment to step outside, lay in the grass and look up. And in this moment I was thankful for what I can see.

I wonder what I don’t see. I wonder who I don’t see… because I’m so preoccupied with me. Or my list. Or the distractions of my too many screens. Jesus helped many people see. He famously healed a blind man. I wonder what the world looked like to that man when he saw for the first time. I want to see the world like that. Amazed. In awe. I want to see people like that. Beautiful. Amazing.

I want to treat everyone the way God sees them. I want to live life with my eyes wide open pointed in the direction God wants me to look, and see what he needs me to see… whether that is someone’s heart or the message behind their post, or the meaning behind their words.

We have one life to live, so let’s take the time to look up and see.

originally written: August 6, 2015

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