different winds

The clouds are still rolling in, at 30 mph apparently (so says the weather channel app). It was worse all night, sustained ridiculous winds that never ceased and kept me up. My cup of coffee is pretty important this morning to get me going. And despite my whining over being tired, I am so thankful. I had a house to sleep in last night, out of the wind and the rain. There are people who slept outside last night, praying for warmth and a place to call home.

Every person we encounter today has a different story. A different journey. A different battle. The winds are different for all of us, and for some they have been sustained for quite some time.

Look up, take a pause, and ask them about their winds, their battle. Offer to help. Offer to listen. Take it beyond your comfort level.12219618_10207583593728994_4542659652133696019_n

God, help me to remember this life is not about me or my comfort. You’ve given me the opportunity to live a life with purpose and two simple tasks… Love God & Love Others. Hard to live but simple to understand. There is no “unless”. God doesn’t say, “Love others unless…

unless they hurt you

unless you are afraid they might hurt you

unless they don’t deserve it

unless they didn’t ask for it

unless <insert excuse here>

Love others. Period. No “unless”. No matter who they are or where they are. Friends or enemies. Foreign or domestic.

Give me the opportunity to be someone’s shelter in the storm, and the courage to follow through past the fear and do the right thing.

(Inspired by Romans 12:9-21)

originally written on November 18, 2015

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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