love fights

Have you ever had someone fight for you?

Not the “step in and beat someone up for teasing you” kind of fighting… rather the kind of fight where someone pursues you and your love because despite whatever is going on, you are that worth it. This is the kind where someone chases you, (not in a creepy “every step you take” šŸŽ¼ song by the Police sort of way) but the kind of love that keeps trying, keeps sacrificing, tries to convince you with every action that you are worth more than the life you’re settling for. Really it’s the stuff sappy love songs and boy band hits are made of.

God fights for my heart every day. As the world tries to distract me, tempt me, with things that don’t matter like comparisons to others, money, status, success, vanity… as the world tries, God slips in reminders of why we’re really here. What is really valuable. 
 So I listen to the ocean. And I read the Old Testament and learn how God fights for his people. And I remember that I am one of his people. And if I slow down and listen I can hear him fighting for my heart. The hardest part is giving it to him every moment of every day. But as long as he keeps trying, so will I.

inspired by: Joshua 10:12-14

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