most times

social media ruins me.

annihilates me.

into a spiral of zombie behavior

and destructive comparison.

but sometimes

it makes me cry

in a good way.

a healthy way.

that reminds me

of humanity and love

and strength and compassion.

That reminds me

not everyone is selfish

and self centered and tone deaf.

Not everyone is too busy

to listen to be curious to ask.

Not everyone is trying to offend

or okay with offending.

Not everyone is picking sides,

shooting bullets,

spewing hate and ignorance

in ALL CAPS and memes.

Sometimes it’s a story of love

and kindness and perseverance

and hope. Of sacrifice

and second chances


an other.

Sometimes it’s God saying

“Look for the good. It’s there.

Be the good. It’s needed.

Share the good. And cry.

Like I do.”

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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