the we

Scribbles dribbles observations.
Through silence music nature rain.
Rambling I got distracted.

I scrolled. It hurt.
To read your pain.
Fear as anger. Shout again.

Then in the middle of the shouting
Wisdom from a college friend.
Thinking through their path. This life.

“I’m not where I thought I’d be.”

You’re atop a mountain.
You’re inspiring me.

To just be still to look to see
Then be the voice that’s given me
Not to parrot not to shout
Not to bring more fear about

Not to fight or call them names
Not to spout out blame or shame
Not to to cancel block delete

But speak of God
Be hands.
Be feet.

I cannot change the world I see.
But I can change. I can change me.
And maybe that can change

The we.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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