my feet

I love walking in the grass.

I should be more clear.

I love walking in Midwest grass. Because let’s be real, Florida grass is tantamount to walking through a field of knives.

But after a full day in my home office with air conditioning that I am SUPREMELY thankful for, my slightly cold feet love the small and simple task of walking to the mailbox barefoot. On warm grass.

Sure we need rain, and it’s a little dry, but it’s oddly soothing. A reminder of the amazing things our bodies can do and can feel.

I am thankful I can walk. Unassisted.

I am thankful I can feel… the blades of grass under my feet. The heat from the grass.

I am thankful for the light bulb shaped big toe, that I inherited from my paternal grandparents.

I am thankful for the scar from jumping into the lake in St. Germain, Wisconsin that reminds me to be brave anyway. To jump anyway. To trust anyway.

I am thankful for the scar from jumping into the pool, that reminds me of days before responsibility, of my Dad’s bravery, of the amazing things the medical community can fix… that I cannot.

I am thankful for my mega veins that are big and blue and bulging. They remind me of Papa, who had the same and loved me with an intensity few can match.

But they remind me how amazing my body is that God created. How intricate it is. How connected it is. How vital my bulging veins are, which I am reminded of whenever my foot falls asleep. I am amazed that such a small surface area can support my body, my weight.

So in the heat of the day.

In the shade of my patio.

I am thankful for…

my feet.


What are you thankful for today? Tell me in the comments. Challenge yourself. Joy is in the details when we pause and listen and look and seek.


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