go make a sunrise

As a child I loved coloring a gradient. When I was introduced to digital design on the yearbook staff I learned how to create it manually and painstakingly added it to nearly every page. Overused and novice quality but I loved it.

I think that’s partly why I love sunrises and sunsets so much. The blending of different colors in such a beautiful and seamless way.

The existence of a spectrum should be beautiful.

The opportunity for overlap, for change. How you can go from yellow to dark blue in the same space shows what’s possible. That it’s possible for two seemingly opposite things to exist on the same space and create something beautiful.

What would it look like for you and someone with an opposite view to sit in a space together, with the sole purpose of creating something new?

Not to force the blue of the sky to be yellow. Not to convince the yellow of the sky that it’s better to be blue. But just as you are, sit in a space together and create something new.


If blue only hung out with blue.
And yellow only hung out with yellow.
We’d never have the sunrise.

Go make a sunrise.


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