Lessons: Evening Edition

Some lessons stop you as you’re walking to the parking deck and present themselves as opportunities. Other lessons come from endless scrolling and regret. While others are realizations that not everything needs to be improved upon. It’s okay for some things to be fine and enough. And in case you haven’t heard it lately. You are amazing. You are enough.

1. Draw in the snow.

To any child this is obvious. As adults we forget sometimes. We forget the fun, the awe, the wonder, the opportunity that play can bring to brighten someone else’s day, too. This morning I saw a table on the sidewalk between work and the parking deck. It was covered in a light layer of snow. The perfect canvas to make a stranger smile. So I drew a heart.

As I left work, this little heart was still there. Not melted. Not ruined. Still communicating. And it reminded me that I am God’s hands and feet. You are God’s hands and feet. We have an amazing opportunity and responsibility to be God’s love to others. In big ways, and in small snow drawn hearts.

photo of a heart drawn in snow with the caption implying this is a note from God to make you smile and remind you that you are loved and wanted and chosen

2. Pots are fine.

eating leftovers from a pot

I take food pictures. I know how to plate something and light something and filter something to make it look mouthwatering even if it’s mediocre tasting. You know what else?

It’s okay to eat leftovers directly from the pot.

Just make sure you have an oven mitt.

3. Imperfect backgrounds are better.

Movie magic is all about camera angles. The director and the producer carefully constructing what they want you to see. I see ya’ll trying to do that with your zoom calls. With the bookshelf made of rich mahogany. I vote we switch it up. Make sure there is something funny behind you or authentic behind you for video calls. This is best acheived with a whiteboard or chalkboard:

  • Draw a coffee cup mug. Possibly several if that’s what you’re known for.
  • Make a fake to do list that includes digging for dinosaurs.
  • Write your favorite movie lines without any context.

Spread joy to others. Let the kids give you bunny ears. Keep the cat in your lap. Just turn the video on. They miss you.

4. Your eyebrows are FINE.

Don’t browse Pinterest at night. You’ll wind up convinced you need someone to tattoo your eyebrows.

5. Your hair is FINE.

Your hair will not turn out that color. It’s a photo filter. It’s cheaper to leave your hair alone and just use Instagram filters.

6. I said… your hair is FINE.

No one’s hair is that long and awesome. They are all wearing extensions. Stop buying pills and serums online. Get a wig. That’s the secret. But seriously, your hair is fine.

7. Bartenders are skilled professionals.

It’s possible to have all of the ingredients. All of the top notch ingredients, a friend’s generously donated bottle of bourbon and a recipe. But without the right tools, and the right technique with those tools… you end up with a very potent Old Fashioned.

Do not assume you can do a job you’ve never done.

P.S. Gas stations don’t have great oranges.

I hate the internet most days. It is an endless source of comparison. Before and after photos. Makeup tutorials. Making yourself look like an influencer-model-pseudo-celebrity. It’s dangerous out there kids. Before you know it you think you’re not good enough. That you need to get procedures to look like X. That you need to watch more tutorials to make your house look like a rentable AirBnB. And you forget…

Most of it is not real.

Here’s what’s real.

  • In this moment you can choose to spread joy with your words of encouragement in a text, in a call, or written in the snow.
  • In the moments during your work day you can choose to spread joy by allowing your personality to shine through with the camera on, even when your makeup is off. Especially then.
  • In the moments when you’re standing at the kitchen counter… remember that the crockpot is enough, mac n cheese is enough, frozen pizza is enough, ramen is enough, paper plates are just fine, and if all of the food on your plate is the same color… it’s just fine. If you are fed… if they are fed… be thankful. That is enough.

You are enough.

  • You are loved by the God of the universe who created you.
  • You are loved by Jesus who sacrificed his life for an eternity with you.

You are enough… with or without tattood eyebrows and hair extensions.

Now go play in the snow.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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