Lessons on Cupcakes and Timing

The last two weeks were filled with both surprises and the mundane. With 50 degree weather and a blizzard. With highs and lows, and yes and no’s, and a few cookies and cupcakes and reminders of the beauty of God’s timing.

If you have good news, share it on a Friday.

Give people the weekend to relish in it. To celebrate it. To get to the end of a busy week and feel nothing but positive. That’s a gift.

God’s timing is always on time. Even if it takes years.

Looking back I can string together a series of conversations, opportunities, yes’s and no’s, seasons, and kindness… none of which seemed particularly connected to one another at the moment. And yet today I can follow the string all the way back, to two specific unrelated moments, to two people who never knew each other, who saw something in me that I didn’t see. Who were my cheerleaders. And whose actions, years later, converged and led to one new path. God doesn’t do coincidence… it’s best to follow His lead.

You can create joy.

Just spread chocolate cake on your face. And be willing to laugh at yourself. We often are looking for joy, when we fail to realize that we have the power to create it. And it doesn’t need to be big and flashy, with a themed party and expensive decorations or plans. A simple chocolate cake from a box will do.

3 year old child laughing with chocolate cake smeared all over their face
little me enjoying chocolate cake

Whenever possible, give a cupcake.

Exhibit A of creating joy for someone else. It doesn’t need to be a special day or reason. The fact that you thought of them is enough. The rest is just icing, literally.

Sometimes the answer is more water, and sun.

When the leaves start to droop on your recently gifted office plant that you have no real skills to take care of… try more water and find the sun. Oddly enough, when your spirits start to droop, start with more water and find the sun.

Impact people, and you will make an impact.

You don’t need to start a new company, invent a new product, or start a new non-profit to make an impact. Your impact is best with the people around you in your every day.

  • Respond when they apply to your job posting. Yes all of them. Be personal and specific. Do not ghost them. Be honest if they don’t qualify, but be kind and encouraging. Putting yourself out there is hard. Not everyone was taught the skills to do this well. You have a chance to help them feel seen in a stressful process. Be a positive impact.
  • Respond when the recruiter reaches out to you. Don’t ghost them. Read the entire job posting. You have a chance to help them feel seen and know that their role is valuable in a stressful process for them, too. Be a positive impact.
  • Leave a positive review for a business. Be specific. Name their staff. Give them the fuel to keep doing their best even when the circumstances are challenging. Remind them they’re doing a good thing.
  • Send cards or texts or emails or call when you think of people. Encourage them. We all need more of that, especially when we’re adults. The praise is less frequent. No one cheers for us when we use the potty. Make up for that (but don’t cheer for your coworkers when they leave the restroom, that will be weird).
  • Stop what you’re doing and say hello. Get up from the desk or the conference room to speak to the delivery person. Look them in the eye. Remember their name. Say thank you.

Go make an impact, one person at a time.

Grow where you’re planted. Get enough water and sun. Create joy through good news, cupcakes, respectful attention, and kindness. Trust in God’s timing and follow his lead.

The week’s not over. You’ve got this.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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