Today I am thankful for… envelopes

The act of writing physical letters slows me down. It helps me focus without devices and notifications. It allows me to write, to encourage, and to give someone a gift wrapped in one simple moment of intention.

Because of envelopes I have gotten to know our office mailman, Brent, who lets me know if days have gone by without me handing him an envelope. He doesn’t know what the envelopes contain but they are small and colorful so he knows it’s not a bill. At the very least they contain something better. Getting to know him makes our office better. (He is expecting a baby girl!)

Because of envelopes I have the opportunity to sit and think about one person for an extended period of time. Why I love and respect them. Why I miss them. How I pray for them. I can sit and wonder how long it’s been since we’ve been together and remember happy memories. I can think about how we can finally plan to get together in person. I have the opportunity to value them by thinking about them and nothing else in this moment.

The apostle Paul wrote letters to churches to encourage them. He wasn’t writing to buildings, he was writing to the people and often mentioned them by name, what he missed about them, how he longed to visit, and how we wanted to help. Often he was in prison when he wrote letters. He didn’t let his circumstances stop him from being an answered prayer to Galatia, Corinth, Ephesus, Thessaloniki, Philippi, Rome…

What would Jesus write in a letter to you? To me?

How can you write a letter to someone else and be Jesus to them? Encouraging them in life and their relationship with God?

You are a gift.

You have gifts to give. Your words. Your time. Your smile. Your attention.

Envelopes let you unexpectedly appear on someone’s doorstep in a way that doesn’t disrupt or annoy. It enhances their day. It makes a walk to the mailbox something to look forward to.

Go find an envelope and a stamp.

Go sit on the porch with a pen.

Go create joy for someone.

You are a gift.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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