Today I am thankful for… paper or plastic or fabric

Every evening before we eat dinner my husband says a prayer which includes “… thank you for this food that has come to us so easily.” And every time he says it, my body has a physical reaction where my heart feels heavy and my eyes begin to hurt.

For some reason that part of his prayer hits me the most. We are so blessed to be able to open our fridge when we are hungry and find so many things to choose from. We are blessed that our hardest decision is paper, plastic, or the fabric bag we brought to the store ourselves… not whether we need to put something back because we do not have enough money. I do not want to let a day go by without being thankful for the food that has come to us so easily, when that is not the case for so many others.

Today I am thankful for the bags that allowed us to carry groceries to our church food pantry, so that we could share some of the blessings in our lives with others. God don’t let me be wasteful, assuming or selfish. Do not let me forget that I am your hands and feet, and for some people the way they will know your love is when people on earth love them by meeting a real need, like food in their fridge.

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