Today I am thankful for…my keys


sure you get wedged in the bottom of my purse forcing me to dig just to find you. but you are also magical pieces of metal.

metal that has the power with a small turn to open doors to my home which protects me from the elements. and yet another piece of metal that with a similar small turn transforms an otherwise lengthy walk across town to a short 10 minute drive.

you remind me that i have a car. i own a magical driving machine that transports me and my stuff across town each day, to other cities, to see family, to see friends. safely.

you remind me that i have a place to call home. i own a magical building that gives me a safe place to sleep at night, and store all of the randomness i’ve accumulated for a day i might just need to use it. someday.

you remind me that my fourth oil change will be free. that the day i bought my car i went to a cubs game with my dad. and don’t forget that last glorious piece of metal that has the power to open bottles of beer.

today I am thankful… for my keys.

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