Today I am thankful for… thumbtacks

push pins. thumbtacks. tiny weapons that prick fingers. or something more?

in the gray walls of my cubicle they are the holders of memories. the reminders of promises. the keepers of laughter. they are the one object I am thankful for today.

tiny weapons that hold memories
tiny weapons that hold memories

at a conference in Austin I saw some of the most amazing presentations and uses of powerpoint in my career (yes, I’m kind of a nerd like that). and i learned it can be an art. the grown up version of visual aids and dioramas from grade school. this thumbtack reminds me to continue to hone my craft. that learning is never over. that attention to detail matters. that presentation, both literally and figuratively, matters.

at one time in my life i sought the guidance of a therapist and learned the power of choice instead of the handcuff of circumstance. she gave me a poem that has hung from a green thumbtack proudly with its crinkles and folds. it reminds me that changing your choices changes your circumstances. and sometimes you just need to start with the courage to make a small change and put your ego aside.

at church one morning we talked about Noah and the ark he built, though he’d never seen rain because until then God watered plants from the ground up. but he followed God and built an ark, though everyone thought he was crazy (check out Bill Cosby’s version) and yet at the end of the day his whole family and all of the animals of the world ended up in that boat rescued by God… we were asked who is in our boat. who will join us in heaven because they have accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior? are we willing to let people think we’re a little crazy because its so important? and so a little business card with a little blue boat hanging from a white thumbtack reminds me to pray. every day. for the person i want most to join me in the boat.

in my in basket, on my desk, sat an envelope. in it was a little card that sits on a yellow thumbtack and reminds me what is most important… “…love what you do, do the best that you can, and always remember how much you are loved.” it reminds me of a friend who took a leap of faith to leave a job she hated and pursue a career of meaning. it reminds me of her and our adventures and photo bombing skills. it reminds me that she found love after heartbreak. and it reminds me that life on earth is short compared to eternity in heaven so make every person count.

there are more thumbtacks. with more memories. and promises. and smiles. but they remind me there are things worth holding onto. there are experiences that make us who we are. and there are people that challenge us and help us grow. they remind me i need to go to the store and buy more thumbtacks 🙂

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