Today I am thankful for… my job.

I didn’t eat lunch today.

Yea, yea before you give me the speech about the importance of eating, getting away from my desk yadda yadda let me tell you. I am so thankful for my job because I am hungry.

I got so wrapped up in getting things done, fulfilling commitments to coworkers and being completely distracted by the music on Pandora that I simply forgot. And now here I am hungry and about to eat the bottle of hand sanitizer on the table.

looks like jello
looks like jello

But you know what? I have a fridge at home filled with food that I can eat. Cabinets stocked with random cans and boxes of edible goodness. And I have money, because I have a job, to go out and buy something if I really wanted to. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am not bragging. I am thankful.

There are so many people who are hungry today and can do nothing about it. Or they have to do something horrible and unthinkable and ethically compromising to gather the money to eat. So as I sit here and the dinosaurs in my stomach grumble, they remind me how blessed I am. That on those days when work is stressful, and the hours are long… when I am prone to complaining about having to wake up early in the morning or sitting through a meeting with no agenda… I want to remember with all that I am… that I truly am lucky to have a job. This job. So that I can have a paycheck so that I can stock my home with food and eat when I am hungry.

Be thankful today because you are likely more rich than you realize 🙂

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