best version

best versionThe world tells us to be who we are. But that is so limiting. I can’t imagine being forever stuck as 12 year old me or 21 year old me in all of my drama filled nonsense. If I stayed who I was ten years ago, I would still be selfish only looking out for number one. I would still cuss and display other less than desirable qualities. I would still be stubborn and demand my own way.

Thankfully, something changed in me. And something changed in Josh. This ring represents so much more than a wedding day. And the upgrade was completely his idea so I want to give him all the credit. My original engagement ring was a solitaire. Fitting really, because we were two separate solitary people living separate lives under the same roof. And that doesn’t work for a lifetime.

But something changed. When we started to surround our marriage with God we became better people, better spouses and a better couple. The upgrade to my ring is a halo, to represent how God surrounds our lives and our marriage. It’s on top of the original ring, because we’re still “us” we’re just the better version of us.

I love my husband more today than I ever have. He is an amazing man who is selfless, caring and driven to be a man of God. He encourages me, supports me, holds me, makes me laugh, challenges me, and loves me unconditionally. This is how God calls us to love one another and I am so thankful for the moment we decided to stop living for ourselves and started living for each other.

Stop listening to the world. Grow into the best version of you, because when you do the world becomes a better place. Even your little world under your little roof.

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