joyful timing

joyful timingIn some situations waiting is easier now that I have a smart phone to keep me distracted. But that doesn’t work for everything. I can’t make my hair grow faster, or snap my fingers and give my single friends the husbands they long for. I have to wait for those struggling through addictions to find their way out. I have to wait for… (you fill in the blank.)

We live in a culture where we want what we want now. In some cases we’ve convinced ourselves we “deserve” it, or that it’s exactly what we need. (And that we know what’s best.) Though I don’t have a particularly fond relationship with country music, Garth Brooks has a song I love called “unanswered prayers.” At the heart of it, he prayed for a relationship with a girl that never worked out. And years later met his amazing wife. Had he gotten his wish or his prayer, he would have missed out on some pretty immense joy.

There is something to the timing of everything. So I should find joy in it. God is creating something better than I can dream up, that is better for me in ways I don’t understand. And if I got what I wanted now, it’s probably not ready yet. (Like an avocado not quite ripe.) Maybe God is in the process of creating someone or something to be the answer to my prayer. Maybe He is in the process of turning me into who I need to be to receive it. Either way it’s just not ready yet, and I can find joy in the truth that He knows better than I do. (He did create the world and me and you and everything in it ❤)

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