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insert hereI looked up from my reading this morning at the empty chair across from me and smiled at the thought of what it might be like to share a cup of coffee with Jesus. How would he take it? Black? Sugary latte goodness with whipped cream? When you talk with him does he look you in the eye or does he look up when he thinks? Does he have weird morning voice?

Imagine Jesus is sitting in this chair having coffee with you.

What do you think you both would talk about?
What would you want to ask him?
What do you think he might ask you?
How long would you stay?
Would you cancel other plans to hang out with him longer?

I took some time off from work this morning so I could spend more time than usual this morning, to read more and pray more and write more. In the end it came down to this:
– If I want to understand God more, I need to spend more time with him.
– If I want to live my life more like Jesus, I need to spend more time reading about what he said and did.
– If I want to learn how to love unconditionally and become the best version of me, I have to do those top two things. It’s not hard really, it just requires me to make time. To choose. And to not be afraid.

What is there to be afraid of? Honestly I’m afraid of you and that you won’t like me anymore. Saying it out loud sounds so grammar school, but I am often afraid to talk about or post about Jesus because I don’t want you to (1) think I’m crazy or weird and (2) stop being friends/family with me and shut me out. This morning, after my uptienth cup of coffee, I chose to push past the fear of rejection.

What risk will you take today with your time and your words that communicates your priorities? How can you make Monday the day you do the right thing, the important thing, even if it’s hard or misunderstood?

Choose the thing that makes you better. Not for yourself. But for others.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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