wait & see

wait & seeMy coffee is way too hot to drink. The steam rises like the sun behind it. So unless I want to burn the roof of my mouth (again) or my tongue (again) I need to wait.

What do you see while you’re waiting? How often do we see anything beyond the inconvenience we perceive?

Today I’d like to issue us a challenge.

While you are waiting… for a meeting to start, a light to change, a line to move, someone to get ready, a return text/call/email, the pain to pass… stop and see. Really see, observe and think about what is around you.

Look at people. Look at the world. Look at the objects that surround you. Be thankful you are where you are. There are people who dream of having what you have, while you crave something else. List in your mind as many things as you can that there are to be thankful for.

So in the waiting, be thankful. And while you’re at it, tell God you’re thankful. He’s been waiting for you.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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