eye contact

eye contactI switched tables this morning to move closer to the sun. I feel closer to God when the sun is out. I wonder at times if that’s what he looks like. The sun, bright and blinding yet warm and beautiful at the same time.

And as I sit here blinded without sunglasses, I read a passage about a woman who showed up. She was at a house with a bunch of people, chaos all around her, and she chose to sit down with one person and give him her full attention. She looked him in the eye. She listened intently and gave the best of herself in that moment. How often do we give half of ourselves? Nodding our heads as if we follow the conversation but really thinking about our grocery list, or what we want to say, or checking a buzzing smartphone. How often do we rush around when people come to visit, needing to “get something done first” when we should be putting people first?

I want to be that woman. Fully present. Looking people in the eye. Listening to them. Forgetting the chaos and being present physically, mentally and emotionally. The person that woman was listening to… was Jesus. She gave her best self in that moment.

One of the best ways I can love others is to treat them like she treated Jesus. Full attention, with my eyes, my mind and my heart.

Get closer to the sun. Lean in and listen.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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