approval jar

approval jarIf I could store up “approval from others” in a jar, that would be the treasure I hold on to. That’s my guilty pursuit and the thing that drives my decisions most days, unfortunately. I worry more about what you (reading this) will think of me. My boss. My coworkers. My employees. My parents. My small group. My friends. Yet while I run after that, others pursue money or fame or beauty.

You know what the tree outside my house pursues? The sun. Because the sun is what brings it life.

It grows up and out and around in order to be in the sun more so it can live. In the same way, I should be pursuing what God wants, his approval, what makes him happy. Not because there is anything for me to earn or get, but because that’s part of the purpose for my life. There is a lot less stress in that. Happiness is momentary but joy comes from knowing that in each moment you’re getting one step closer to God. I wish I could put that in a jar.

originally written: July 21, 2015

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