rebuildIt takes more than a day to rebuild. But it’s worth it. There is a lot of history (and even recent stories in the news) of people destroying buildings. But the stories we hear about less, though they happen, are the people coming together to rebuild. Those stories aren’t as enticing.

Being patient, determined and committed takes time. It took Nehemiah 52 days to rebuild God’s temple, and you don’t see many 52 day news stories. But the power is not in those tearing down…

Real power and strength are the people that rebuild.

It’s not lost on me that we are constantly referred to as God’s temple. So when we are torn down, that’s when it’s most important to rebuild.

But the key is not rebuilding exactly as you were before.

It’s rebuilding a stronger foundation, and stronger walls. Don’t attempt this alone, Nehemiah had a lot of help. You’re not doing this to keep people out, you’re doing this to be strong for others. To be able to withstand the storms. When you rebuild who you are with God, not everyone will understand. Some people will mock you. Others will try and distract you. That’s ok, keep building and be patient with yourself. It takes more than a day. It might even take more than 52. And here’s the important part…

it takes more than you.

originally written: July 22, 2015

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