dignified strength

dignified strengthI take way too long to get ready. To pick my clothes, do my hair, put on makeup. It’s really a sloth like pace. I am under this assumption that what I wear and what I look like matters, and it will somehow impact the way others treat me and think about me. Unfortunately there is truth to that in our culture whether I like it or not.

But that doesn’t impact the way God sees me or treats me.

Being clothed in strength and dignity is not about wearing a muscle tank or a well tailored suit. It’s about what my heart looks like, and how my words and actions are displayed.

Strength is not stubbornness (where is the dignity in that?). Dignity does not lie (where is the strength in that?).

Today I want to be reminded that even on the days I wear my fancy clothes, my dignity and strength can and should be expressed in my words and my actions. And on those days with a wrinkled tank top and sweatpants, I am thankful I am still held to the same standard… and to treat others with dignity and give them the strength to keep going too.

originally written: July 28, 2015

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