My Top 20 : Week 1

It’s important to observe the world around you. The people, nature, buildings, choices, opportunities… It’s important to pause and take note and let it impact you. So every night this week I sat on my patio, as the heat of the day began to cool, as the neighbor kids screamed for no reason riding their bikes past me… I sat and did what I do.

I made a list. A list of what I learned this week.

1. The parking deck has high medians. If you take the corner too tight you will hit them. I hit them. Don’t hit them.

2. Three of those 5 gallon Culligan water jugs a month, may not be enough to sustain my office coffee habit. #2PotsEachDay

3. Having a work fridge next to a work microwave is awesome.

4. I am more productive without hourly zoom/skype meetings.

5. Any room with whiteboards is my favorite room. Squatters rights. You snooze you lose.

6. Wednesday morning bible studies with the team are like 1×1 status meetings with God. The perfect way to keep your week on track.

7. Having Mystic Kitchen in our building will be the downfall of our budget and my meal planning.

8. A post office attached to a parking garage is business convenience!

9. A walk downtown is refreshing. Except when you walk past the Coffee Hound. Then your walks become expensive. Joyful, but pricey.

10. We have the best landlord and building/maintenance guy. There is so much trust and kindness. So much care. So much respect. Be that kind of landlord. Be that kind of maintenance guru. Be that kind of tenant.

11. Curved monitors with bluetooth keyboards are tight.

12. When I walk outside I smell cheese curds from Maguires. This will only add to damaging our budget when coupled with the nightly temptation of Mystic Kitchen.

13. I am a better version of me when I can wake up without an alarm clock. Fill a mug with coffee. Slowly read my Bible and journal on my front porch. Then get ready. And still get to work on time without rushing.

14. Denny’s Doughtnuts is on my way to work. This + Mystic Kitchen + Maguires + CoffeeHound are most definitely the downfall of our budget. #supportlocal

15. Pigeons do not scare easily. Especially Steve.

16. Wearing less makeup is possible. Not doing my hair everyday is freeing. Turns out no one cares. I wasted a lot of time before.

17. At night, on the patio, look in your beer before you drink. Bugs like beer too.

18. Outlet placement is important. So are extension cords. You’re gonna need both.

19. One cannot buy coffee when buying other random office supplies. At least not at Walmart. They have a terrible coffee selection. You are not surprised.

And the most important…

20. Have an ample supply of cold water bottles on hand to offer to the kind souls that deliver packages to your office. It’s hot outside. Some stuff is heavy. They don’t get all day climate control. Because they do what they do, we can more easily get what we need, to do what we do.

So my challenge to you, is that you do the same next week. Set aside some time and write down what you noticed. What you observed. What made you laugh. What made you change. What gave you a new perspective. A new appreciation. A heart of thankfulness.

And most importantly…

Notice the people that cross your path.
Do what you can in the moment
to let them know you see them.
That you are thankful for them.
And give them whatever you can.

A water.
A smile.
Your attention.
Your patience.
Your forgiveness.
Your support.
Your encouragement.
Your heart.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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