My Top 20 : Week 2

This is for all of us that love checklists. That love checking the boxes on the list. That make boxes for things we’ve already done just so we can have a thing on the list checked off. This message is for all of us that need those little checked boxes to feel accomplished, worthy, valuable…

We’ve made the checkbox into an idol.

And idols are no good (enter the entire Old Testament).

So… I’ve been intentionally slowing down. Intentionally saying no. Intentionally setting aside time. Intentionally setting things aside.

And trying to pay more attention. Asking God to give me his eyes. To see what He sees. Sometimes it feels downright profound. Other times downright ridiculous.

So in the midst of my weekly slow down moments:

  • mornings on the patio with the sun in my face
  • evenings on the patio while everyone in my neighborhood simultaneously mows their lawn
  • daytime face up – phone away so I don’t run into something moments…

I made a few observations this week.

1. Be sure no one else is in the restroom… before you leave and turn the light off. #DarkMode #OfficeLife

2. Even dry brittle grass, is still alive. Tread lightly.

3. Pouring any beer into a fancy glass makes you instantly fancy.

Jess drinking beer in a fancy glass

4. The tiny ant crawling on my foot is so small and light I shouldn’t feel him at all. And yet he still has an impact on me. You have impacts you don’t realize.

5. Eating lunch meat straight out of the bag is fine. It’s not like drinking milk out of a carton. It’s got that protection paper.

6. Big companies are notoriously bad at coordinating communication… since quitting my job I’ve received 11 pieces of mail. Two contradicted the online information. One reminded me how much taxes suck.

7. Don’t offer water to the water delivery guy. He’s got the hook up. Offer snacks.

8. Idol worship never ends well. Worship the creator, not the created.

9. If you don’t like a book, that you’re not being tested on, you can stop reading it. It’s ok.

10. Cooking dinner during a tornado warning feels like a double dose of probabilities. We might get hit, we might not. Dinner might be overcooked, it might be scattered across the neighborhood.

weather radar storm approaching

11. Is it too hot for the chipmunk? I haven’t seen him in over a week. I’d like to name him. I’m a little worried.

12. Often we don’t listen to God. Then we get upset thinking he doesn’t listen to us.

13. Our neighbors are adorable. I’m so thankful we finally know them.

14. The first night on clean sheets is glorious.

15. Coffee + Bible + Sunrise = Best Morning Routine Ever

sunrise through the railings on my porch

16. No matter the office, I’m always cold.

17. In the early morning, everyone walks their dog in pajamas. Except Larry… polo shirt, khaki shorts and a pipe. Keeping it classy.

18. Make time for that friend in the middle of the day. Their prayer and perspective. Their wisdom. Their listening ear. Their encouragement. And whenever possible, BE that friend.

19. Choose family. Especially if there will be homemade ranch. Frosted cookies. And hugs.

20. In the course of 48 hours it is possible to have two big wins and one big gut punch. How you choose to react matters. Honor God.

Friday Bonus #21

Even in the hot and humid, yep it’s sticky, feeling icky, summer heat…

Sit on the porch.

Reflect on your week. Find things to be thankful for. Remember lessons you learned. Recognize you are valuable, worthy and loved by the God that created you.

Breathe it in. You’re alive.


One thought on “My Top 20 : Week 2

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  1. Stormy afternoon,peaceful!
    Wondering where our squirrel that visits daily for peanuts…has even knocked on window & porch roof! Will take one out of Jim’s hand sometimes!😍😜

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