5 Short Lessons for a Short Week

  • Coffee is not water.
  • Winter is relative.
  • Check the attendee list.
  • Power cords are like umbrellas.
  • Read the other side.

Coffee is made of water. It is not water.

Do not warm up your coffee in a water kettle because your microwave is on the fritz. Tiny particles of coffee grounds are not good for water kettles. Why? Because water kettles are…

wait for it

meant for water.

Bonus Lesson: Stop procrastinating and replace the microwave.

“In time for winter” is a relative phrase.

Do not order a winter coat from Kickstarter if you live in Illinois and the manufacturer does not live in Illinois.

Yes, I know you ordered it in spring.

I know it said it will arrive before winter.

It will not arrive before winter. Because… Illinois. And because… Kickstarter.

Please wait for the leader to join the meeting.

If the leader of the meeting is named Jess and she can’t attend…

and your name is also Jess…

by default you must now lead the meeting.

Press *

Black and white image of Jess looking at the camera while drinking
always be prepared

Power cords are like umbrellas.

When you buy a new laptop you’re asked you if you’d like to buy a second power cord at checkout. It’s usually an amount of money you find to be too expensive for something as mundane as a power cord. (Forget the fact that the 8 other power cords you have lying around from previous laptops are incompatible with the unique design your new laptop manufacturer decided on. Why are these not universal?!)

Back to the point. Buy the power cord.

There is nothing like sitting in your pajamas, noticing the computer is about to die, reaching in the bag… and… nope you left it at work.

Or getting to the office in the morning and realizing… nope you left it at home.

Power cords are like umbrellas. You need one at home, one at work and one in the car.

Why the car? Because at least once you’ll take the home one to work or the work one to home… and have two power cords in one spot. The wrong spot. And the walk to the car will be shorter than going to the office in your ridiculous onesie at night and hoping no one sees you.

(I’m typing on my iPad right now because I did not observe the power cord umbrella rule.)

Read the other side.

I was baptized in 2004 and my super thoughtful aunt and uncle sent me a keychain with the date of my baptism on one side so I’d never forget the moment I decided as an adult to follow Jesus.

Side of a triangular keychain engraved with the date 11/21/2004
a public declaration of an inward decision

But what was on the other side? A verse.

A verse that is the name of the company I now work for… that did not exist when I was baptized.

My husband, the founder of the business, did not know about the existence of the keychain or its verse, until many years after he created the company. And I didn’t know that years after that, I would decide to leave my job to join this company and be part of its expansion.

God has an amazing sense of humor and timing. He is in the details.

Read the other side.

A triangular keychain engraved with the Bible verse Joshua 1:9
be strong and courageous

Take notice of the world around you.

The little, the big, the mundane, the silly, the important…

He is in the details, loving you one lesson at a time.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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