The same week I cook an amazing dinner from scratch, I burn a frozen pizza.

The same day I listen to Glycerine by Bush and rock out with my windows down, I cry on my porch listening to Dolly Parton singing about Jesus.

Life is about balance.

It’s sharing your prayer requests with your friends. Without filters, or apologies so they can support you.

It’s going to a local business and supporting them with a few dollars, then sharing it on a social post to spread the impact.

It’s about putting your phone away, and noticing the squirrel playing hide and seek around the light pole. Just as much as it’s pulling out your phone to capture his antics.

I slept in but made it in time to watch the sunrise.

I worked late but made it in time to watch the sunset.

Life is about balance.

Forgive yourself.

For what you miss. For what you forgot. For what you left behind.

For saying no when you need to. For saying yes and being unprepared.

Life is about balance.


Life is about Jesus.

Jesus without u, there is only Jess.

And she’s a mess.


But with you she sees sunrises, sunsets, squirrels and opportunities. She sees redos, and resets, and new days. She supports and asks for support. She knows she made the right choice, even when a day doesn’t go as she planned. Because she knows her plans were never what really mattered anyway.

Jesus is the balance.

Truth and grace. Judgment and love. Sacrifice… so I can have redos. The reset button on my Nintendo. The replay button on the song. The sunrise on a new day.

There was Jesus.

Sunrise. Wake up for it. It’s a gift.

“In the waiting. In the searching. In the healing. In the hurting.

Like a blessing buried in the broken pieces.

Every minute. Every moment. Where I’ve been and where I’m going.

There was Jesus.

Even if I didn’t know it, or couldn’t see it.

On the mountains. In the valleys.

There was Jesus.

In the shadows of the alleys.

There was Jesus.

In the fire, in the flood,

There was Jesus.

Always is and always was.

No I never walk alone….

There was Jesus.”

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