Lessons: I-39 Style

Not everything is inherently good or bad. It depends. A 6 hour road trip this week reminded me to appreciate both sides, to be able to laugh about the annoying things, and to appreciate the joyful aspects.

Windows down

  • Puke inducing: The smell of manure.
  • Calming: The smell of pine trees.

Morning haze

  • Anxious: So much fog I cant’ see 5 feet in front of the car.
  • Amazing: Seeing the perfect circle outline of a red sun, and a glow over the cornfields.

Road signs

  • Annoyed: Exit closed (and it’s my usual coffee exit)
  • Joyful: To infinity and beyond… but at the speed limit. (Good one, digital road sign copywriter.)


  • Disappointing: Ad for a Nudey bar.
  • Well Played: The Jesus Rocks billboard right behind it, lol.


  • Not so Great: Roadkill.
  • Awesome: Gigantic hawk that landed on a mile marker as I drove by and looked at me.

Don’t forget to observe the life you’re in and the moment that you’re in it. Turn off the radio, the TV, the screen and let your five senses do the rest. Take mental notes of the lessons God is teaching you in small moments, even on a long car ride in the early morning.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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