5 Lessons: Self Esteem Edition

This week I got bit by a mosquito, got carded for beer (it wasn’t Natty Light), and wore high heels more than once. A few observations led me to the conclusion that improving our self-esteem is more in our control than we realize.

1. Get carded.

This is best achieved with your hair in a side braid and wearing a piece of collegiate clothing. Then watch their reaction as they do the math and realize you’re 40. Makes me feel awesome every time.

2. Turn off social media.

When you’re done reading this post, turn off your phone or close your browser. You’re less likely to get lost in a destructive cycle of comparison and you’re amazing so I want you to remember that.

Go do something instead of consume something.

3. Don’t wear bug repellant.

Mosquitos are the Midwest’s reminder of how desired you really are. Every part of you. They don’t discriminate. Your ankles are hot stuff.

4. Dress up for an ordinary day.

Grab a favorite skirt or dress. Favorite heels. Favorite shirt. Do your hair and your makeup. Go someplace ordinary. You will walk taller and straighter and with more confidence. Subtle but valuable. Don’t minimize your appearance’s impact on your mood. It’s ok that this makes you feel different. Need proof? Halloween. You become the character you dress like.

Now I need a costume idea for this year…

5. Your value comes from God.

God chose to create you. God doesn’t make junk. You are a masterpiece because the master of the universe created you. That makes you valuable.

Full stop. Period.

We all have days when we feel like an imposter. Or old. Or not enough. Or ignored. Or invaluable.

But it’s not true.

You are valuable, beautiful, seen and known by the God of the universe. He created mosquitos to remind you how desirable you really are. So put on those heels, go up to the checkout counter, and wear those smile lines proudly. Ditch the photo filter. Your wrinkles and your gray show that you know what you’re doing. This isn’t your first rodeo. You’re not an imposter. You have talents and gifts and skills you were meant to share with the world.

Keep going, keep sharing, keep giving.

And remember point #2. Get off social media for the rest of the day. You can do it. You’ll feel better. Promise.

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Ephesians‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭NLT‬‬

This post is inspired by our study of Ephesians when attending the Women’s Gathering at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, IL.

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