supposed to

You were supposed to.

Supposed to what?

Live forever.

Said who?

You existed before I was born.

So I assumed you always existed

And that you always would.

Like God.

But I’m not God.

You acted like God.

What do you mean?

You were kind and patient and loving.

You had clear expectations.

You held me.

You held me accountable.

You taught me lessons.

You gave me second chances.

You were proud of me.

You created joy that filled my life.


So you have to come back.

I can’t.

But eventually it will make sense.

Can I go to you?

No, not yet. God says when.

Oh. What do I do until then? Without you? In this between time.

Be kind and patient and loving.

Be obedient to God’s rules, not the worlds. But love the people in the world because God created them.

Give second chances and grace.

Reflect light.

Fill peoples lives with joy. Fill their life.

That sounds really hard.

Have you seen someone else do it?



Then it’s possible.

What if I fail?

You will.

That’s okay.

But every day is a new day to try again.

Never stop trying.

I don’t want to try without you.

You can.

You will.

You were supposed to.

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