Today I am thankful for… benches

i am thankful for…

    • the bench i used at the gym monday which has made me sore and practically immobile today
    • the one in the courtyard at work that allowed me to feel the breeze through my hair for a few moments between meetings
    • the bench i sat on while a stranger strapped a harness to me before i bungee jumped off a bridge in New Zealand


    • the multitude in the beer halls in Germany, because standing with a 1 liter mug gets heavy after awhile
    • the one donated by my college class that reminds me of some of the best four years of my life where I met my my husband and my best friend.
    • the bench at my grammar school playground which inevitably always served as “glue” while playing Tag
    • the bench in Golgotha, Israel where i took communion and cried in thankful praise to God before walking into a tomb that Jesus may have laid in


    • the countless ones that have served as a viewing spot for the weddings of friends and family
    • the one i carried from a garage sale to a woman’s house and reminded me that I am stronger than i realize
    • the one we sat on to take our wedding pictures and remain some of my favorites


    • the swinging version on my in-laws front porch that is the perfect reading spot
    • the bench in junior high that was “our spot” at lunch where I laughed enough to shoot apple juice out my nose

so here’s to the benches, the memories and the future squirrels i will feed from a park bench in 60 years 🙂

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