Today I am thankful for… fennel

fennel means taking risks.

it was a surprise element in a group of fresh veggies from a friend. i had heard of it before but never bought it ate it or cooked with it. i knew nothing. so i googled. i youtubed. i learned how to cut it, use every piece of it and prepare it. now i don’t think i could live without it. or at least i don’t want to.

it has become my surprise ingredient: fish topper, flavor enhancer, onion replacer, appetizer surpriser.


fennel reminds me..

  • i can’t and shouldn’t plan everything
  • find new things, learn about them and experiment
  • use every thing. every moment. every frond. every stem. every bulb.
  • share the new stuff with others. don’t keep the awesomeness that is fennel to yourself.

life doesn’t have to be all beef and potatoes. it can be bison and kohlrabi. it can be breakfast for dinner. it can be new. it can be enhanced. it can be fennel


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