Today I am thankful for… tupperware*

Today I am thankful for… tupperware*.

Today, your existence allowed me to bring a healthy meal choice to work so I could walk confidently past those Frenchplastic healthy food vessel fries (ok, not so confidently… admittedly I stopped to smell their greasy salty goodness) knowing if I gave in, I’d be wasting the food I brought and be forced to clean this little contraption for nothing when I get home.

 Yesterday, your existence caused laughter in my kitchen as you and your lid held water from the dishwasher, causing it to spill on the floor and for my husband and I to look at each other with that face that simultaneously says “really?!” and “if this is the worst part of our day, we’re doing ok.”

Last weekend you held the fruits (literally) of hours of labor creating roasted tomato sauce for a taste test dinner with the best in-laws a girl could ever ask for.

All month you’ve held my precious (and cheap-o) jewelry so it doesn’t get lost in the bottom of my gym bag.

All year, you’ve retained vitamins, various medicines and band aids that I can grab in an instant for those little travel trips we seem to embark on so often.

You little plastic buckets of wonder with your interchangeable lids, various sizes and ability to withstand the extreme cold of the ice pack, or the extreme heat of the microwave, and the completely ignorable room temperature of a suitcase, cabinet or gym bag… you make life a little easier. You make me a little less wasteful and you remind me…

  • Protect the valuable things.
  • Save the important things.


 If you don’t put something the right way in the dishwasher it will create a lake on your kitchen floor when you take it out… reminding me that…

  •  Life at its core is pretty darn awesome, pretty darn good and
  • I am not willing to let a moment of frustration rob me of a moment of joy.

 So thank you God for the inventors and makers of tupperware.

 *I do not have their permission to use their trademark, however I am not a business and do not make any profit or personal gain from the use of this term. Besides if I called it something else you’d have no idea what I was referring to. Similar to Kleenex, Qtips and BandAids when your brand becomes standard terminology you lose all right to get uppity about its use in a standard conversational context.

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