walk alongside

walk alongsideI’ve heard it said a few times that you become a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with. So if you want to become more kind, patient, loving, giving… it seems logical that we should ask whether the people we surround ourselves with exhibit those qualities or not.

We walk through this life beside others. We can pretend that we are impervious to the world around us and that we are strong enough not to be influenced by our surroundings but it’s not true. It’s hard to be your best self, when you are surrounded by messages and images that perpetuate selfishness, anger, hate, divisiveness, impatience…

So make a choice today. Be someone worth walking alongside. Be the positive light in someone’s newsfeed, at someone’s table, in someone’s meeting, in the grocery aisle. And ask yourself who you choose to walk beside.

It’s not lost on me that those who chose to walk with Jesus, became more like Jesus. He was loving, joyful, peaceful, selfless, kind, good, faithful, gentle and had self-control. That’s the woman I want to be. Walk with me.

thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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