accomplished heart

accomplished heartThis morning I wrote down the following prayer before I opened my devotional, “Thank you God for the morning & the sun. Quiet my heart and my mind to focus on you and not rush through you like a checkbox on a to-do list.” Then I open my devotional and the title for today, “The Christian Checklist.” Seriously can’t make this up. God invented coincidence just to see if I’m paying attention.

When the disciples asked Jesus what work God requires, his answer was to believe in him. But not belief as in the warm and fuzzy “I believe the Cubs will win the World Series” kind. When you really believe something to be true and foundational you change everything to align with it. You change how you see the world and other people. You change your priorities and your calendar and your attitude. Belief is not meant to be flippant, or casual. And while my actions should align with my belief, God doesn’t seem impressed by my completed checklist or disappointed by my incomplete one. That’s not how I’m scored. That’s not where my value comes from.

So as I start out my week, wanting to be super productive and get it all done for that invisible trophy, God says, just give me your heart. That is enough.

originally written: August 3, 2015

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