be available

be available“to be” is a verb. (Sorry for the impromptu grammar lesson but it’s important.) When someone asks you if you are available or if you have time, the real question is will you make time? Will you make yourself available? Because “being” available doesn’t just happen. It is the result of your choices, and the things you say yes or no to.

When I schedule every minute and every moment, then everything and everyone else feels like an interruption. That makes my heart hurt. I never want anyone to feel like I view them as an interruption. The moments we don’t plan for are opportunities. They are chances to listen, to love, to advise, to hug. They are opportunities to be selfless and put others first. Sometimes I struggle with this. So it’s important to say no to certain things, to create margin in my schedule and my life… so when opportunity sends me a text I respond. When opportunity calls, I pull over the car to listen. When God knocks on my heart, I open the door, go outside, and listen.

originally written: August 7, 2015

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