dramatic lighting

dramatic lightingI am thankful. It’s been a rough 2-3 weeks for me. But today I find myself looking out the window and genuinely smiling. Not much has changed in my circumstances honestly, so why the smile?

I can see colors.

It sounds silly, but looking at the pond and the trees and the sky I realized I can see blue. Green. Red. I can see. My eyes work. I can hear that clunky escalator. I can taste my hot coffee. I can smell the coconut lotion I used. I can feel my heartbeat. In a quiet moment when I take a deep breath and feel the air in my lungs I am reminded that this life has such beautiful moments…

…but I can’t see them if I’m so wrapped up in me

…or so wrapped up in drama and chaos.

It’s pretty impressive we’re alive and that I could think and type this, and you, wherever you are can not only read it with your functioning eyes and process it with your functioning mind, but are in the financial position to own something that allows you to see it too.

God didn’t create us to be the drama.

Be the light, step out of the drama, and bring others with you.

I am thankful for a colorful world and my teeny tiny place in it.

originally written: August 30, 2015

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