I am IMG_2893-0a talker. I know this is a shocking revelation to many of you. I believe that words matter a lot, and should be chosen carefully. Our words can confuse, clarify, anger, hurt, help, encourage, support or repair people. It’s part of why I loathe curse words, and recoil at myself in horror when one accidentally slips out.

Because I am a talker, there is one conversation I have with God every day. “Give me the right words or make me silent. If it’s not going to help, then shut me up.” I always have something I want to say. An opinion I want to give. Another way I think I could phrase it better. (There are a lot of “I” statements in there.) But life is not about me. My purpose on earth is not to be right. My purpose is not to convince you I’m right.

My purpose is remarkably simple. Your purpose is the same: Love God. Love others. So the question becomes, do my actions & my words reflect that? Online? At work? While I drive? At a restaurant? At home with my husband? In a text to a friend?

I want to live a life that speaks… before I say a word.


thoughts go here... be nice... be thankful...

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