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Dear Busia

You will forever be my Busia and I will forever be your girl. You were more than a polish grandmother, you were my role model, my friend. You loved unconditionally, held no grudges, gave the best advice on love and marriage and forgiveness, listened when I was happy or sad or excited or confused, always asked questions and wanted to know about my life and wanting to make sure I was happy… you held me through everything from bruised knees to broken hearts. Thank you for holding on long enough so I could tell you all that you mean to me, so I could hold your hand again and kiss your cheek and sit with you and tell you how much you impacted my life. You loved me fiercely and I will carry that with me every day and do my best to multiply all that you are. I will miss you more than you can possibly imagine. I already do.

These are my letters to you.

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