It’s important to take time to notice the world around you. People and their circumstances and their interactions. Nature and its sounds and imagery. Business and its nuances. Yourself, and your actions, reactions, choices and emotions.

It’s important to slow down enough, frequently enough, to reflect on all of it.

It’s important to be able to admit when you’re wrong. To learn from your mistakes… about the big things, the little things and especially the silly things. Like what? Well for starters:

pigeons, parking deck medians, the pleasing aroma of fried cheese curds, bathrooms in #darkmode, packets of powdered cheese…

It’s important to write these lessons down, because you’re going to forget. These are mine, and some involve band-aids.

7 Lessons: some ridiculous

This week’s lessons are brought to you by a bag of pants, timezones, hitting buttons and saying no to new baseboards.

Lessons: Road Trip Edition

Font size is important, but so is the 3 second rule, the scan button on the radio, air conditioning, and the messages you choose to share.

Lessons: Observations, Wandering & Permission

Over the last week I learned about the unpredictable nature of green beans, braided hair, storms and chance meetings. And I also learned to look for the beauty that comes from getting lost, from practice, from buying the flowers, and from giving someone permission to try.

Two Weeks of Lessons

Every day God is trying to teach me something. The question is whether or not I’m paying enough attention to notice it, reflect on it, and do something with it. The past two weeks a few new things came to light: serrated knives and fingertips don’t go well together, water is more important than coffee… Continue Reading →

My Top 9: Week 3

People say the devil is in the details. I disagree. Beauty is in the details. Insight is in the details. God is in the details. So this week I cut down my list from 20 to 9 and I went deeper.

My Top 20 : Week 2

If you slow down just enough, and look up you might notice a few things. Like someone turned off the light in the restroom while you were still in the restroom, the water delivery guy does not want a water, a determined child on a big wheel can keep up with the big bikes, and homemade ranch with a side of hugs are what the Midwest is made of.

My Top 20 : Week 1

This is my top 20 list of what I learned this week from observing the people and world around me. Coming in hot at #15… Pigeons do not scare easily. Especially Steve.