your path

your pathThere are days I want to be antisocial. I want to escape into a little spot of solitude and just be. But if I all I do is go from one extreme of running around from meeting to meeting to errand to event… to the other extreme of solitude I’m missing the best part of life. In depth moments with other people.

If I slow down enough to look up and say hi, I have an opportunity to notice the people God is placing in my path. Someone I might need, or someone who might need me.

So I’m late this morning. Late because I stayed and had coffee with Elizabeth. Late because she told me all about her life in Poland. The loss of both her parents to the Nazis. Her marriage to her college sweetheart, and the vacation she just took with her grandchildren. We laughed and teared up. She thanked me for staying with her, when everyone else needed “to run”. She needed me and in the midst of our conversation I realized I needed her.

God is pretty good like that.

Enjoy the people placed in your path. This life has two main components… time and people. Use one wisely to prioritize the other.

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